Sunday, March 6, 2016

How Weak We Have Become

From AP:

North Korea threatens to launch nuclear strike on U.S. and South Korea

 That used to be considered a declaration of war.


Billy Oblivion said...

Nah, the threat has to be plausible to be causus belli.

This is like a 3 year old threatening to kick Bruce Lee's butt. Without a chair (that someone else has to bring for him) he can't even REACH the butt, much less apply toe to posterior.

The Sotks (opposite of norks?) might have a bit of reason to be concerned, but then if the Norks wanted they could have surged over the DMZ and taken the rest of the country by force 40 years ago when Carter was president. Or any time in the last 7 years up to about now (because the dems have to look tough for the election).

Rich Rostrom said...

It's not a declaration of war because North Korea is, officially, at war with both the U.S. and South Korea already

In practice, there has been a truce for 60 years.

In any case, I don't believe a threat without specific demands is a casus belli, much less an act of war.