Sunday, March 6, 2016

Baby Parts Harvesting

3/5/16 Daily Mail:
Women whose babies develop fatal defects in the early stages of pregnancy will be given advice on going ahead with the birth so the NHS can harvest their organs, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Most expectant mothers opt for termination after being told the devastating news their child has no chance of survival once born.

But now, amid a chronic shortage of donated organs, mums will be 'supported' to have the baby at nine months so that the child's vital organs can be taken for transplant.

Last night the proposal sparked an ethical debate – with one critic describing it as a 'ghoulish suggestion' that would undermine public confidence in organ donation. 
The move was revealed at a medical conference where NHS transplant surgeons said they wanted to take more organs from babies nationally to address a dire shortage.
As part of this drive, midwives and other NHS workers are to be educated about the potential for using babies' organs in transplants.

In the past two years, only 11 babies under two months have become organ donors. But doctors believe they could raise that figure to around 100 a year.
Larry Niven wrote a terrifying story about a future where criminals are disassembled for their transplantable parts.  At the end we find out the crime was jaywalking.

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Windy Wilson said...

I remember that story. I had forgotten the author and the title, which makes finding it a little hard.