Sunday, January 3, 2016

More Hard Drive Fun

My wife's Toshiba Portege is under the knife today, replacing its rapidly dying 120Gb drive with a new 250GB drive.  The Windows 7 repair CD I made for it long ago will not boot, so I put in my Windows 7 distribution DVD instead and now I am waiting.  Toshiba used two different lengths of tiny screws to hold the case together, but fortunately the long ones have S6 next to the holes that want longer screws.

Windows 7 seems to be installing to the new hard disk.  Adding to the fun is the discovery that my backup scripts were not backing up the Pictures library.  Rather than lose these, I will connect the old drive through a USB connector.  It does not have long for this world, but hopefully enough to copy those files.

Windows 7 install kept hanging after entering product key.  On 5th try restarting, it seems to be moving forward.

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