Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun With Samba

This seems to be a simple way to share files betweem Windows 7 and Linux (because there is no NFS Client for Windows 7 Professional).  Everything makes sense until I try to mount.cifs in Debian 7:

mkdir ~/Desktop/Windows-Share
sudo mount.cifs //Clayton-PC/linuxcnc /home/geek/Desktop/Windows-Share -o user=geek
It asks for the sudo password, then complains:
mount  error(13): Permission denied.
Any hints? It knows who Clayton-PC is,  I can ping it.


Marc C. said...

Have you tried using the -v for verbose switch on the mount command to get more info on what is going on?

Rick C said...

Googling suggests user=Clayton-PC\geek.


Clayton Cramer said...

thanks all. -v provides no more information. The cifs-sucks page gave me more things to try, but none worked.

Marc C. said...

Did your searching turn up this?

Clayton Cramer said...

Marc C.: No, that's next.

Clayton Cramer said...

Too many things. I think I'll use sneakernet.