Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why It Has Been So Quiet Here

I spent yesterday getting the replacement parts made for two absurdly patient ScopeRoller customers.  Even though there was no machining of aluminum to make the parts, I did use Miilie to drill the holes in a total of 10 parts./  Here is one face of the first part.

Why do these pilot holes this way instead of by hand on the drill press?  Because these were placed accurate to .0001", instead of perhaps to .01" using a micrometer and drill press.  The slow speed on the drilling is because even 1 inch/min. caused a lot of vibration.  But 0.5 ipm was pretty peaceful.  The first two were pilot holes at 0.5" and 1.5" from the left end of the workpiece (or more accurately from the left end of the vise, which I was using to register the workpieces against)..  These went down .2"--just through the .125" wall.  The last hole was a through hole so .3" down from the top.

I made 10 of these in an hour or two, and much of that time I was doing other things while Millie worked away.

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