Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Using A Round Nose End Mill To Cut An Angle

While I don't have an immediate need to do this, I thought it would be good to write the code for milling a slope while I am not under any pressure.  So I did.  The first results reminded me of Djoser's step pyramid:
This was a consequence of telling the program to do cuts of .1" depth.  I just redid it with .05" depth, and it is much better.  Still, putting a workpiece on a tilting table is faster and better looking, unless I go to .0001" depth of cut.

It,strikes me that I should rewrite the program to do it not as a series of horizontal cuts, but as a series of diagonal cuts:

G90 x0 y9 z0 f5
G90 x0.866 z-1 f2
G90 y.1875 f2
G90 x0 y0 f2

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