Thursday, August 6, 2015

Weird Dreams: HP, Corvettes, Mosques, and Sandworms

I have had a couple of weird dreams involving HP over the last few weeks and since some of you have worked for HP, I thought you might enjoy them.  These are not realistic dreams, more an expression of the locked ward management style I saw there.

The first dream,  I have been assigned to inventory a vast pile of equipment behind a building evenlarger than the HP Boise complex.  As I dig through the collection I find vast  numbers of cars.  Some of them are valuable collectors' items like 1990s Corvette ZR1s, many still with new car stickers on them, with a few hundred miles and dead batteries.  Many of the others would not even be collector cars in the locked ward like 1970s Chrysler K-cars.  I've driven one of these ( a rental) over 90 mph on a 2 lane road.  (Just a little crazy.) 

The second dream, last night, the pile of junk is now an enormous sand dune.  When I get over the top of the first dune, I find an entire Saudi town, including a mosque with the muzzein calling everyone to prayer.  (Apparentlty HP is part of some Islamist conspiracy.  They certainly aren't much of a capitalist conspiracy.)  I decide to leave because I can see one of Dune's sandworms going through the dunes.  Then I am confronted by a sterotyped old Arab who tells me that infidels are not allowed.  I ask him which direction to go.  He points one direction and tells me that Hamburg is that way.

Utterly strange.


bud said...

Carly as President.
Definitely "Better Than Hillary", but

I'm pretty sure she wouldn't rank near the top of the GOP field for you. So, where would you rank her? Better than:
____The Donald_____
_Fill in the blank_
_Fill in the blank_

I've started it for you :-)

Unknown said...

Well given that HP's split is underway this summer--to be completed by September--maybe it isn't so strange after all. I recently "escaped" from there again--from contract work out there. The place does have the feel of a sinking ship. My dream would be of being of the deck of the Titanic as the band plays "Nearer, My God, to Thee."

John Cunningham said...

Zounds, this is an impressive dream. I had a blast last weekend, I took a client on a religious plgrimage to Bowling Green, KY. we visited the Corvette assembly plant on a tour, then saw the Corvette museum. it was a grand time.

Clayton Cramer said...

Bud: Not my first choice but right of Jeb.

Windy Wilson said...

Are you planning to take a trip to some tropical "paradise"? I haven't had dreams like that since I took some anti-malarial drug before traveling to Costa Rica.

Clayton Cramer said...

Bahamas in September, but no drugs for it. My daughter has gone on vacation out of country two years in a row only to return and find me in the hospital. She decided this year that her parents needed to come along.