Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Ordered This

Windows 8 was such a disaster that I have been sulking about buying a new computer.  And then this deal showedup on Amazon.

Lenovo Thinkpad X140e 20BL000BUS 11.6" AMD A4-5000 Quad Core 4GB 500GB Win7 Pro Best Student & Business Ultrabook Laptop

 Windows 7 Pro, quad core, 500 GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and I should be able to run VM and Mint Linux on it.  It is about the dimensions of my wife's Toshiba Portege (which I love), and weighs one pound.  Okay, there's no CD/DVD drive, but I don't use one often, but a USB DVD drive is only $31.75.
To see why I hate Windows 8: see here, and here, and here.


Will said...

I'd suggest that you do some searching for reviews of that particular setup. Since IBM sold the Thinkpad systems to Lenovo, I have heard that the quality has taken a noticeable drop, although it seems to be quite variable. With the ownership change, "Buyer Beware" would be the watchword.

Clayton Cramer said...

Very positive reviews.

rgr said...


Congrats on the purchase, I look forward to hearing how it works out.

Your comment on win 8 had me looking back to your previous posts and I can't seem to find one that details the problems you've had.

My situation is similar to ones you've had - I found THE application that is losing winXP support (Quicken 2015 needs Vista or later, and Quicken 2012 will stop updating accounts sometime next year).

So I took advantage of all the sales going on and purchased a Dell XPS 8700 desktop (i7-4790, 8gb mem, 1tb drive for less than $700? Couldn't pass that up).

Well, it came with win 7 pro, but also has the win 8 recovery disk, so I can upgrade if I want.

I've seen pros/cons of both, and with 8.1 providing boot to classic desktop (and not the idiotic touchscreen inspired travesty), I am torn as to which way to go.

Can you do a post describing your experience with win 8? I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, and have a a fantastic Christmas!

Clayton Cramer said...

I have update the post with links.

David said...

For $50 more you can double the memory to 8gb ....

rgr said...

Thanks for the update. I think I'll stick with win7 for the time being - it does what I want and the supposed benefits of win8 are so minor as to be nonexistent (for me). Maybe win10 will have something I need.

Heck, I stayed with winXP till now, so win7 will do.

Did you ever get classic desktop to work?

Sigivald said...

You won't regret buying more RAM for it.