Thursday, July 4, 2024

Our First Grocery Delivery

From Wal-Mart.   Being sick disinclined us from going grocery shopping.   The extra charge for delivery was certainly cheaper than driving.

If you think of grocery delivery as modern: my sistets worked for a traditional market (not a supermarket) on Montana Blvd. in Santa Monica that delivered groceries in the 1960s 

Combined with Telehealth and telecommuting we are going to be in Asimov's Naked Sun real soon.

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  1. I often use the shop for me option (with me picking up) at both Walmart and my local real grocery store. However, while local pickup at the grocery store does not incur an additional charge, the individual costs per item are about 5% higher than if I were to go into the store.

    And Walmart still has a very broken online presence. I recently ordered a couple of spray bottles, and a new dish brush...They had the spray bottles in stock, no problem picking them up but the dish brush (all of $4) was fulfilled by Home Depot and shipped to me via FedEx. Whatever profit was there, was gone.

    Good for me, but not so good for WM.