Friday, May 31, 2024

Whining Helps

The PA at the cardiologist who does most of my medical care went on vacation just after my test results can back.  Rather than wait,  I copied part of a medical journal article that said that unselected beta blockers such as carvedilol are contraindicated for patients with asmatha and mentioned that I have allergic asmatha.  One of the doctors in the practice put me back on metoprolol which is a selective beta blocker.  I have already taken my carvedilol this morning so it may take a day or two to see any benefits.  There are different half-lives listed for carvedilol but this indicates 28-50 hours for elimination.  Please, do not start the Revolution without me. :-)  BP 133/63 pulse 60.

More seriously,  thr Second Amendment solution is a deep and serious solution.  It needs to wait for something more severe than a show trial.

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  1. Getting doctors to listen can be quite difficult. I had a scare a couple of weeks ago. I had a Transient Ischemic Attack, but by the next day I felt fine, and I was convinced it had been something else. My more medically aware friends said "No, that sounds like a stroke, Hie thee to the doctor and get checked out." The local clinic I normally use has all the imaging gear, but they were booked for the rest of the day, and so they forwarded me to the local hospital. That turned into a nightmare where I was admitted for two nights just to schedule the various scans (Which were all clear, thank heavens.) but the docs were obsessed about my high BP (Because I had missed my afternoon pill) and my Cholesterol, which while normal, didn't have the right ratio. I don't know who these doctors were, because I don't think I met them and they didn't consult with me, they just defensively prescribed all kinds of BP meds and statins and I had to practically beg for my regular prescription, that I only got twice (out of five needed). After I got out, I broke out in an itchy rash that eventually went from my chin to my toes. Clearly a reaction to one of the meds. Local clinic took care of me very quickly, and recommended some OTC drugs that are different anti-histamines that have a synergistic effect, and wow did that work! Still don't know what random drug they threw at me unnecessarily that I reacted to. And my BP returned to normalish once I got back on my prescription. It totally derailed an argument I was having about the superiority of American medicine....