Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Amazing! Not Every Drug Law Was Bad

After Oregon repealed its all drugs are legal law, another progressive/libertarian fantasy bites the dust.  5/7/24 New York Times:
"The government of Canada on Tuesday walked back part of a program allowing people in British Columbia to possess small amounts of drugs, including heroin and cocaine, without fear of criminal charges. At the request of the province and after a public backlash, people in British Columbia are no longer permitted to use drugs in public places.

Under the changes, which went into effect immediately, adults will still be allowed to possess small amounts of drugs. But they will now have to use them in legal residences, at safe injection sites and at other harm-reduction centers established by the health authorities.

The re-criminalization of public drug use in British Columbia underscores the difficulties that governments face as they grapple with the opioid crisis."

Harsh reality.  Drug laws exist for three reasons:

1. Drug addicts destroy themselves and it is not pretty 

2. They severely injured others. Some are family and acquaintances who must deal with various forms of abuse and violence by people while intoxicated causes theft, burglary, and other economic crimes and loss of inhibitions while intoxicated leads to murder, rape, and child abuse.

3. The violence and economic exploitation of drug dealers (including pharmaceutical companies who supplied B.C.'s "harm reduction program") was destructive.

I know all the wonderful theories of legalization and have made them myself in the past.  They make perfect sense for people with the sense to not destroy themselves and others.  Addicts are not strong on good sense.

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