Monday, May 6, 2024

Signs of Coming Victory

5/4/24 New York Times:
"It has become the topic of the season at Washington dinner parties and receptions. Where would you go if it really happens?

"Portugal, says a former member of Congress. Australia, says a former agency director. Canada, says a Biden administration official. France, says a liberal columnist. Poland, says a former investigator.

"They’re joking. Sort of. At least in most cases. It’s a gallows humor with a dark edge. Much of official Washington is bracing for the possibility that former President Donald J. Trump really could return — this time with “retribution” as his avowed mission, the discussion is where people might go into a sort of self-imposed exile."

I think they are terrified that Trump might do to them what they did to Trump and his allies.  I think they are overstating the fear, although many officials in the intelligence services might have reason to worry about prosecution for what was clearly criminal intent and improper behavior.  

My reaction is the same as hearing Hollyweirds threatening to leave if whatever Republican horror of the day gets elected or re-elected: can I help you pack?  You can be replaced with lawful immigrants who love America.

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  1. At this point, does it really matter? I mean, as long as they GO!