Saturday, May 4, 2024

Metal-Free Belts?

The last time I passed through a federal courthouse security check, it made me realize how weak TSA security theater really is.

Nonetheless, it would be nice to reduce the metal that requires removing.  There are a variety of belts that do not use metal buckles (often Velcro to hold the belt tilt). Some are leather, some are nylon which has a little stretch which is useful because sitting down puts demands on the belt that are not there when standing 

Can any of you recommend a metal-free belt that fits in dress pant loops?


  1. I've discovered that it doesn't matter what I wear, since my knee replacement I'm getting patted down.

  2. REI sells woven nylon belts with nylon or some sort of plastic buckle. I bought one that was black on one side with a blue and white pattern on the other, so I could use it in more than one situation. Just one fewer thing to take off to be allowed to go petition my government for redress, or appear on behalf of someone else. I brought a plastic bag to put keys watch, wallet, everything into so I wasn't doing the pocket search with people waiting.