Saturday, May 4, 2024

There is Only One Fix to This

5/4/24 NBC News reports on how illegal immigration is no longer just from Latin America but from nations throughout the world.  An interesting and important quote from a "humanitarian volunteer" who helps illegals cross the border:

“Any person on American soil — and it doesn’t matter how they got here — is allowed to start due process on an asylum case,” Schultz said. “Anyone. So as long as that is true, people are going to attempt to cross the border and get on American soil. Why would it ever be any other way?”

This is why nothing short of an actual physical border can stop this.  Tall, with razor wire on top.  And a constant advertising campaign reminding Americans that increasing the number of workers, especially low skill workers, will impoverish poor Americans. 

There is another fix: every American working for ten cents an hour.

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