Saturday, May 4, 2024

I Went Out to Buy Cheerios...

And test drive a Cadillac CT4.  This was the AWD, turbocharged 2.7L 4-cylinder.  Definitely more acceleration than my Jaguar or last Corvette.  It had pretty impressive cornering although on a test drive I did not push it too hard to avoid terrifying the.salesman.

The seats were adequately firm.  These were not the 14-way adjustable seats.  (How many adjustments does a human body need to get comfortable?). Cadillac has been taking lessons from Mercedes whose seats seemed too firm when you first sat down but were absolutely perfect after a couple of hours.

It has an adequate back seat for my M1A and 5" refractor but not for adults.  I do not think my granddaughter (who is part giraffe) could sit back there.

They had no CT5s in stock.


  1. Unless you buy a very boxy car/suv (by today's standards) adults cannot sit in the back seat. And even then, some of them don't have the leg room.

  2. My Subaru Impreza wagon (2019) is actually very comfortable for two adults in the back seat.