Thursday, November 10, 2011

Righthaven Executed

Well, I actually mean that an order of execution against their bank account was performed by the U.S. Marshals.  From the ever useful Steve Green at Vegas Inc.:

The U.S. Marshals Service has made some progress in seizing the assets of copyright company Righthaven LLC, disclosing Thursday it has served a writ of execution on a Las Vegas bank branch.

A court filing said a writ of execution of a judgment against Righthaven was served Tuesday at a Bank of Nevada branch and that the writ says "seize all assets in the Righthaven LLC operating account and any other bank accounts belonging to Righthaven LLC." The bank branch's operations manager was served with the writ.
Alas, it was only $1000, and Righthaven continues to operate.   Righthaven's CEO has been ordered to appear at a judgment debtor's hearing, where he will be required to testify under oath where their assets are located.  (Answers such as, "in our secret, offshore account" and "it all just disappeared" are likely to get some serious consequences, so we can hope Gibson is as arrogant in that hearing as he has been all along.)\

Gibson is dragging this thing out as long as he can--I sure hope that the final result is his personal bankruptcy, jail time for contempt, and perhaps some prison time for fraudulent transfer of assets in anticipation of bankruptcy.


  1. Sometimes, I think justice would be better served if we just allowed be meted out by the victims. Sentence in lashes/victim. Even a small crime, if widely perpetrated would quickly become overwhelming in its consequences.

  2. Just linked to my Facebook page as a counter-example for all those folks saying, "I'll believe a corporation is a person when one is executed."

  3. One common recourse for the court where the assets are not attachable is to put the contemnor in jail until he pays. This could be done even if the CEO is not obnoxious at the judgment debtor exam, but merely does not pay and shows a history of evasion that can be explained to the court.