Friday, November 4, 2011

No, We Really Don't Want To Talk About It

The Other McCain points out that the bizarreness of this:

Herman Cain Accuser’s Lawyer: ‘No Value of Revisiting the Matter … Now’

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“Lawyer ethics” — Hold a press conference to announce that you don’t want to discuss your smear-job against your client’s former boss:
I have avoided taking any position on the accusations against Herman Cain because:

1. While you have to be stupid to sexually harass employees, there are people out there who are really unable to control their impulses.

2. I was tempted to make the argument Ann Coulter made--that this is the left playing to racist stereotypes--but the fact is that it isn't just black men who have a problem controlling their sexual urges: men regardless of race often seem to have some difficulty in that area.

3. The number of accusations kept growing.

However: reading all these accusations and how little detail they seem to have--and that some of the accusations seemed far too serious for a five figure settlement--makes me inclined to think that it is indeed, another high-tech lynching by the left.

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  1. They really didn't "grow". there were still only really two. both were settled for a relatively small sum (45k for one, 35k for the other.) compared to the costs of litigating it. the "third" accusation had absolutely no meat on it. she knew the other two women, she never actually filed a claim, and it took almost 20 years for her to say something. To date, there are still very few details of these accusations coming out which leads me to believe this was nothing but a couple of frivolous lawsuits that were settled to make them go away.