Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reasons To Read Canadian Blogs

To find out the news that isn't being covered by American news media.  How did I miss this supposed cheating scandal involving a prominent black politician who is running for President?  No, I don't mean Herman Cain.

UPDATE: Not to worry: HillBuzz suggested that the Obama campaign started the rumors in 2008 to distract attention from more serious problems:

Because we’re in Chicago, and know a lot of the people that were involved in the Obama Senate campaign, especially the fundraising side, we were asked to look into Baker, find pictures of her, and try to establish the fact that she did indeed have an affair with Obama.

We never believed Obama had an affair with a woman, because Obama does not appear to like women.

As American Standard recently wondered, there are no former girlfriends, either on the scene or noted in any of the books William Ayers or Jon Favreau wrote for Obama.  No high school girlfriends.  No college sweethearts.  But, there sure are plenty of men he’s spent an odd amount of time with.

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