Thursday, September 1, 2022

California Legislature Refuses to Adopt New Restrictive CCW Law

9/1/22 Fox News:
"Democratic lawmakers in California failed to replace an existing gun control bill that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional Thursday, leaving the state's concealed carry regulations unenforceable.

"The legislation failed to pass the California Assembly by a single vote early Thursday morning. California Attorney General Rob Bonta lamented that Californians currently have nearly unfettered access to concealed carry permits following the failed vote."

You know the really amazing part of this is that N.Y. and California could have avoided this.  A person who lives in a bad neighborhood, a nurse who works night shifts, a businessman with a high value inventory requests a license.  You verify with neighbors that he is a level-headed fellow and require a training class.   Skip the bribes required to get a CCW.  

A reasonable set of discretionary criteria would however require the left to require issuance to a law-abiding black man or woman.  The ferocious but usually hidden racism of progressives could not handle this.  Keeping the majority of decent black people in terror in their neighborhoods is an essential part of the Democratic Party base.

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