Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Where Did All My Disk Space Go?

 I have lived very comfortably in a 1TB SSD, and suddenly, I am running out.

The answer was simple.  Producing high quality astrophotos requires:

1. The AVI file produced by my Pentax.

2. Converting that AVI to a Codec recognized by Registax.

PIPP does that conversion, producing yet another AVI file in a temporary directory.  These files are only needed for a short while, so I need to delete them when done.  PIPP produces a less than clear error message when it runs out of disk space.

This is why I go through the extra steps.

This is 25mm eyepiece projection created from 720 frames stacked and unsharp masked.


  1. If there is a MicroCenter near you they have some great deals with in-store coupons. There's a 1TB external drive for $20 (but here in KC they were sold out on Monday). They also have a 2TB internal for $20 + a $20 case to make it an external.