Thursday, September 22, 2022

Which Flag Rank Officers Were Captured in Mariupol?

The Russian trollocracy keeps claiming that among those captured at Mariupol were: a 4 star American general; a 4 star Canadian general; an American admiral.  Yet whoever this 4 star officer is, the official Russian news media have neglected to put him before the cameras or identify him by name.  A real name or image would be easy to verify or diversify.  

I know many alt-right have decided that because Putin is Biden's enemy and Russia has not gone LGBTWTF, then Russia is the only hope for a Christian West.  

Somehow, the mass graves are not exactly what I expect of a Christian nation. 

France 24 looked into this claim.  The picture Russian state media uses is so poor that it could be any adult white male.  Worse, they did a reverse image search and found out that it was first used in 2014 for a story about a Luhansk memorial service.  This lovefest for Putin or at least utter distrust of all Western media is really absurd.  

Yes, American news media are not to be trusted.  Foreign news media such as the Telegraph often report on unPC stuff in America.

That Canadian 4-star general: From a Wikipedia article about 4-star officers around the world:

General/admiral is the highest rank within the Canadian Armed Forces as defined within the National Defence Act.[1] Usually, only one officer, the Chief of the Defence Staff, carries the rank of full admiral or general at any one time. However, the crown may authorize additional officers at that rank for special cases such as for Canadian officers in the position of Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, who are usually former Chiefs of the Defence Staff seconded to NATO for that duty.

That is Wayne Eyre.  I have seen no pictures from Russian claims.  It is hardly likely that Canada would send its Chief of the Defence Staff to Ukraine.


  1. Considering the only 4 Star General that Canada even has is its Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Eyre, and he's happily still in Ottawa. Thus, such claims don't just need a bit of salt, rather they need a whole salt mine.

  2. I would sooner believe they were observers, and that's usually a job for at most a Colonel, MAYBE a one star. The insinuation by saying they were four- star Generals is that western intervention is why the Red Army is having such a hard time taking back what is "rightfully theirs."
    There were European observers in the American Civil War, the Russo- Turkish War, the War of the Pacific between Bolivia and Chile, and in the Chaco War.