Monday, September 12, 2022

Imagine If a Republican Administration Had Done This

 9/12/22 Daily Caller:

Prosecutors declined to criminally charge an Assistant U.S. Attorney found to have “lacked candor” about publicly exposing their genitals and sexually assaulting a civilian on a date.

The DOJ Inspector General’s Office announced Monday that its investigation had determined the unnamed Assistant U.S. Attorney exposed their genitals in a public place and forced the civilian to touch them, violating state law and federal off-duty conduct rules. The attorney was found to have “lacked candor in discussing this incident” with the office, but criminal prosecution was declined, it said.

Yes, I would expect a lack of candor for being a boor and a creep.  Admittedly, those are just my primitive 1970s "treat a woman like a lady" ideas.  Yes, even then, it was not a path to sex, but it could be a path to love and marriage.

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