Sunday, September 4, 2022

An Historical Reminder

Biden's ferocious speech is drawing entertaining substitutions of "Jews" for "MAGA Republicans" and some nice side-by-sides of Hitler raging arms in the air with Biden.

The goal is to provoke some modern day John Brown (marginally mentally ill but on our side) to attack government facilities as an excuse for a widespread door-to-door weapons confiscation along with "doubleplusungood thinkers."  If you know someone making such plans he is likely either the next John Brown or an FBI informant.  

Discourage stupidity.   Let the left draw first blood, to quote Rambo.  Let them go full fascist in such an obvious way that our response will be generally seen as appropriate by the large population that thinks transgender locker rooms and 9 month abortions are stupid and immoral.

Yes, the abolitionists won but the cost was very high.
Ideally we win electorally.  The use of deadly force spiraling into a civil war is an evil to be avoided as long as possible.  There will not be a glorious victory.  There will be blood, suffering and decades of bitterness and retaliation.   If you think academia hates us now, wait until they see the suffering this inflicts on academics who talk blithely of revolution and then see their colleagues die.

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