Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jeep Manual

Maybe I have been spoiled by Jaguar and GM.  At least they can write useful and informative manuals.  The 2016 Jeep Renegade manual is useless.  The manual on DVD is worse.  It tells you that you need a newer version of Acrobat, and after enough effort tells you that you have the newest version.  Nor can you find the files on the DVD that the packaging claims to provide--like the warranty info on the Continental tires on the car.  (The printed material says to check the DVD.)  This is is a nail puncture so big that I can hear at 40 psi, so I am sure that there is no point to pursuing a warranty claim, but it is still frustrating to see how incompetently the printed and DVD manual are done.  The online warranty location does not have the warranty information on the tires, either.  I guess Fiat/Chrysler has not adapted to the 21st century well.


Dean in Az said...

No dealership offers with the mere purchase of, nor are new tires generally, covered by a warranty against road hazards like nails.

I lost three tires in a month due to new construction in my neighborhood on my new Jeep, so I ought to know.

After the first loss, however, I went to Discount Tire Company, and they sold me a replacement tire. Then all I had to do was pony up the $15 for each tire to buy the Road Hazard warranty they offer to the purchasers of new tires, on the rest of my tires (even the ones I got with the car). My other losses were then covered. Since they were virtually new tires it saved me like $300.

I'd recommend checking with your local America's/Discount Tire or similar location, and for everyone with a new vehicle riding on 4 unwarranted tires.

Fidel said...

I simply download the owners manuals for my vehicles...the .pdf for my Dodge Ram wasnt horrible, try that. I never even opened my owners folder except when I bought the thing, to confirm that it held stuff.

Jim Dunmyer said...

That's interesting to me on more than one level:

I live near Toledo, OH and pass the "new" Jeep plant almost weekly. They're in the news all the time, of course, and are probably the largest employer in the area.

Back in 1968, I bought a new CJ-5, followed by a p/u truck and a Jeepster Commando. By the time I bought the latter, I had a pretty good idea of Jeep's quality (or lack thereof). A number of years later, I bought a well-used 1964 p/u that had the infamous OHC-6; used oil like I owned a refinery, but it had a new bed and had been painted and fixed up to a degree.

The CJ-5 was the most fun vehicle I ever owned, but also the most troublesome. Even the Buick V-6 engine gave trouble, tossing the timing chain at about 60,000 miles.

Got to where I didn't say "Jeep", without putting "F***ing" in front of it.

I'm told that modern Jeeps are much better; they're certainly popular enough. But, they do rate among the poorest in reliability by Power, et. al.

Clayton Cramer said...

All I wanted to see was the tire warranty statement, which I was sure did not cover road damage, but I could not download anything but the same useless paper that was in the printed manual.

Dean in Az said...

Warranty statement will be about road wear, not road hazard damage. Alas.