Thursday, August 3, 2017

Jack London's Famous Quote

About the evils of being superrich: "How many steaks can you eat?"  8/2/17 New York Post:
A new Japanese restaurant in Los Altos, Calif., called Hiroshi is catering to steak-loving techies with gold-flecked beef, Business Insider reports. A meal there typically goes for $500 to $600 a head.
The decadent eatery disguises itself with a modest, windowless facade. There are no menus, and only eight people are served every night.
“The gold is more for show,” the restaurant’s general manager Kevin Biggerstaff told Business Insider. “It doesn’t really have any flavor.”
This is the type of thing that doesn't just annoy progressives.  This is just stupid.  If you want a steak, great.  If you want Kobe beef steaks, fine.  But putting gold on it as a garnish adds nothing to the meal but ostentation and a very shiny toilet some hours later.


Windy Wilson said...

That was my opinion of Danziger Goldwasser liqueur.
Besides which, it's some herbal concoction that tastes stronger and harsher than Campari, Cynar or Strega.

There are people who apparently believe that the gold has some sort of healthful effect as it passes through your gut. Completely unreactive AU.

Windy Wilson said...

Maybe it would absorb mercury if you ate it at the same time, but the question would again be: Why?