Monday, November 7, 2016


On of my reader suggested a stiffer workbench to solve he problem of the mill catching on the sides of the cut.  Since it was on a folding plastic table, his seemed a good idea, so I bought a 14 gauge steel workbench off Craig's List, assembled it, and my wife repainted it from the bench of many colors and scratches to flat white.  (The Sherline being black, a black workbench would make it camo.)  The new workbench doesn't bend, and a nice side effect is that a level on the mill's table shows it 1/2 degree from level.  (I will put some shims under a leg to improve it in he morning.)

I had tried to improve the mill by moving the drive belt to the slower but more torque position with no noticeable benefit.  While trying to return it to the standard position, the drive belt broke in a place that looked like it had burned, perhaps when the endmill had stopped turning.  I ordered three new drive belts, which are shared with the Sherline lathe.

So far, everyone is working well.  The extra long 5/16" mill arrived today.  I may try this to cut both sides of the slot at the same time tomorrow.

Stiffer workbench seems to be helping.

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