Friday, April 1, 2016

Why That Shooting At the Greyhound Station?

4/1/16 KTVR:
RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia State Police confirmed the identity of the suspect who fatally shot Trooper Chad P. Dermyer Thursday afternoon at the Greyhound bus station in Richmond.

WTVR CBS 6 reporter Mark Holmberg first reported the name of 34-year-old James Brown III of Aurora, Ill., Thursday night. Here's Mark's report:


Why did the shooter open fire as soon as state Trooper Chad P. Dermyer approached him at Richmond's Greyhound bus station?

Why did he keep shooting and fighting till the end, as state police superintendent Col. Steven Flaherty described Thursday night?

Why was he in Richmond?

An official source identified the shooter as 34-year-old James Brown III of Aurora, Illinois....
CBS 6 found a James Brown III., an African-American with a long criminal history in Aurora, whose date of birth matches up with the information from our source.

Brown is well known to police there.

We talked to his aunt in Aurora, Edith Brown, who had helped raise Brown and had allowed him to stay with her until December, when she says she told him he had to leave.

She said, "He always liked the criminal side."
Another #BlackLivesMatter murder?

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