Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Movie Less Stupid Than It Sounded

When I wear out my brain writing law review articles, I watch TV to rest.  Today's mindless entertainment was Age of Dinosaurs (2013).  Biotech firm recreates dinosaurs.  Materials failure and overprotective software unleash carnivores (and a few vegetarians) on Los Angeles.  Firefighter fights beats to save his daughter.  Biotech CEO is mildly doddering whitehaired guy.  Does this sound familiar?

Better than the derivative plot sounds.  Watching triceratops lead a dinosaur rampage through downtown L.A. made me root for them to reach City Hall and the Board of Supervisors.  While I could see it coming, when the firefighter's daughter is snatched by a pteranodon to be taken to his lair at the Hollywood sign, he jumps into a helicopter and yells at the pilot, "Follow that pteranodon and step on it."  It was still funny.


Steve said...

The Asylum FTW! I own that one. They're the ones that did Sharknado.

AlanKH said...

Maybe for their next trick they could do a sci-fi flick based on current events in California. Water crisis, warring factions, psychotropic drugs - oh wait, that's Frank Herbert's "Dune."