Sunday, January 10, 2016


Had to restart my router; now TP_LINK witreless not working.  Discovered I had it set up wrong before when it worked just fine.  Now set up like manual; doesn't do wireless.

Just sent a help request to TP_LInk:

I bought the TL-WPA4220 last week, installed it and it worked perfectly, no problems.  Then I had to restart my router, and everything stopped working.  Weirdly enough, when I first installed it, I did it wrong.  The box I plugged into the wall next to my router was the single RJ45 box, which is supposed to go at the far end.  I put the box with two RJ45 connectors at the far end.  But everything worked, until I restarted my router.

So now I am trying to install it according to instructions.

1. I plugged the 2-RJ45 box into the wall next to my router.

2. I held the reset pin button on the 2-RJ45 box for five seconds to restore it to factory defaults.

3. I hit the button on the router that sets it up for cloning.

4. I hit the clone WiFi button on the 2-RJ45 box.

5. I plugged the 1-RJ45 box into the wall where I want network, and connected the RJ45 cable from their to my PC.

6. The PC claims the RJ45 is disconnected.

To add to my confusion, I have another 1-RJ45 box in the living room for my Netflix box.  This also worked last week.  Now the RJ45 connection is invisible to the Netflix box.  If I disconnect it, the Netflix box can see my wireless router, and the 2-RJ45 box's wireless signal.


UPDATE: Customer support had adequate English to help me solve this.

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