Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shoes For Old People

I have been disappointed at how difficult it seems to be to get some solid black walking shoes.  Target used to supply a basic shoe -- nothing fancy, and nothing flamboyant.  But now, all that the local Target and Fred Meyer stores stock in athletic shoes seem to be black with fluorescent green, and similarly silly colors. 

I wandered into Big Five on Sunday, looking for a warm winter coat, and discovered that this is where the basic solid black walking shoes have all gone -- and at a reasonable price.  Yes, they are all made in China, but at least I don't have to dress like I'm fabulous anymore.


Fidel said...

New Balance Walker, at Amazon

John Cunningham said... has good low-priced walking shoes, also.

Kirk Parker said...

Oh, just go get some with LED's that flash when you walk--you know you really want to!!!

Anthony said...

I buy these from Payless Shoe Source - the 8½ Wide actually fits, and they're $40. They don't last terribly long - 4 to 6 months each, but at that price, I'm not so worried. Besides, I abuse them - that's 4 months wearing them every day, including sometimes out onto construction sites.