Monday, October 3, 2011

Remember When Flat Panel Monitors Were Spendy?

I bought a 23" flat panel LCD monitor earlier this year for less than $200.  Look at what you can now get for 
.  What would I need this for?  To get lost in the documents I am editing?  Still very impressive pricing.


Moose said...

Clayton you can squeeze all the color out of a penny.

ErisGuy said...

Bad link.

Huh? While inexpensive, the monitor is HD (1920x1080). I usually use a 2560x1600 monitor for programming and for Photoshop. Several acquaintances use two, side-by-side.

Clayton Cramer said...

link fixed--and do I feel antiquated when you tell me that you are using 2560x1600! My PCs are too far back in time to go that high!

Sigivald said...

I just got a new top-end iMac, and the 2560x1440 resolution on the 27" ones is ... impressive.

Nothing in that size and resolution range is cheap, but boy howdy is it a lot of pixels.

(3.6 million of 'em, to be exact, compared to 1920x1080's 2 million.)

Windy Wilson said...

Oh, no, I'm a dinosaur for sure!
In 2003 I paid $250 for a 16 inch flat screen LCD monitor, and I'm still using it.
And now I find that 1080 is not the latest and greatest.