Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knife Control Laws

Does your city, county, or state have a knife control law?  You know: bans on possession, sale, or ownership of switchblades, gravity knives, or similar sharp objects?  If so, please give me the details.  I have been tasked with writing a law review article on the subject of knives as Second Amendment protected arms.


The Comedian said...

Starting points:

Sigivald said...

Here in Oregon, at the State level, all of those are legal to possess, but not to carry (ORS 166.240), with an exception for people who "arrest or serve process".

(Because of that, I own a switchblade and a gravity knife, just because I can. Both of them are of piteous quality, but that's not the point... my "good" knives are plain old knives.

Mostly because a good-quality automatic knife tends to cost a lot more than it's really worth to me, and too many of them are too "tacticool" in appearance.

I also find it puzzling that a Concealed Pistol Permit doesn't let you carry a switchblade concealed.)

Will Richardson said...

For local ordinances start your search here:

Eric said...


I will provide some info (quotes and citations) for Texas state law and San Antonio city ordinances. Will take me a bit, and I might send it by email if too long.


Eric said...

Okeydoke, email inbound to you, I hope the email address I have on file is still good.