Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Volume of Materials to Review

8/31/23 Forbes reports on the progressive's favorite fraudster:
"Sam Bankman-Fried has until Friday to request a postponement of his October 3 trial, a federal judge said after the jailed FTX founder's lawyers complained about his inability to “adequately prepare” for it....
"However, he rejected the defense’s request to bar prosecutors from using 4 million pages of evidence that surfaced in recent weeks due to “late production,” pointing out that Bankman-Fried had “unfettered access” to the materials from his parents’ home in California until he was detained on August 11."

Yes, I could review 4 million pages of material for my defense in a criminal case.  Let's see, I can read about 100 pages per hour if it is not too technical, so 40,000 hours.  No problem.

It is hard to imagine that they need this many documents to make their case.

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