Sunday, September 3, 2023

Only in S.F. Would This Be News

9/1/23 KRON:
"San Francisco Police Department officers arrested 450 alleged drug users under public intoxication laws for openly consuming drugs and being under the influence in public.

"In an operation aimed at dismantling drug trafficking networks, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, California Highway Patrol officers, and California National Guard members arrested 300 suspected narcotics dealers and 123 wanted fugitives. Officers also seized 103 kilos of narcotics, including 56 kilos of fentanyl."

Wow!  Maybe the comparisons to the Third World are having an impact on the rich progressives.


  1. The California National Guard was involved and somehow I missed the howls of protest that went with guardsmen being sent to the border.

    I'm a libertarian, small 'l' as I'm not a member of the party. I generally support decriminalizing drugs as I think addicts need therapy rather than a jail cell. San Francisco and other cities have me rethinking this. These open air drug markets and homeless camps is not the result I had in mind.

  2. Seeking therapy, or pretty much all proper libertarian thinking, which requires informed consent, is impossible when you are under the influence of mind altering drugs and addiction. Should someone be able to sign a contract put before them when they are blind drunk?

    Only "Big-L" party wonks go on about how they should be free to put anything they want into their bodies. The Drug trade is anti-liberty. Both for the addict, and the people whose rights they violate as they seek to feed their addiction.