Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rotating Rings (And Sore I Am)

I finally got far enough ahead of the expert declaration storm to put the rotating rings on the 8" f/7 reflector.  The slightly larger interior rings are no longer a press fit, but slid over the mirror cell screws which are usually a barrier that requires removal and replacement.  (The first try at installing the rings at least gave me an excuse to clean a mirror with many years of dust. At least no cobwebs.)

The OTA weighs about 26 pounds; the rings add about 12 pounds.  My wife and are trying to slide the mounting plate into the dovetail saddle about five feet in the air.  In my 40s and 50s this was not so hard by myself.  But pretty much my entire upper body is saying "What did you do to me?"

The OTA in the rings rotate very nicely.  I will have to adjust the tension screws to get exactly the right pressure to rotate the OTA without turning into an amusement park ride.

The clouds did not leave so nothing to do tonight.

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  1. You don't talk about it, so I don't know if you do, but in addition to your "cardio" routine you should be lifting weights to reduce or reverse muscle wasting.