Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Reducing Muffintop

Not me but on loaves of bread.  

The last couple of loaves have risen to the edge of pan and only last minute shoving back down with a spatula has prevented overflow with the inevitable burned bread smell as the excess dough did a leap off the edge.

This time I made 3/4 of the recipe and everyone stayed in bounds.


  1. Is that from a two-pound bread machine?
    And what kind of yeast do you use?
    I have the one-pound zojirushi and just tossed the dried yeast on top. It was very dense with a few voids inside in addition to fine-grained leavening.

    1. Yes. Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast. Leave in refrigerator after opening.

  2. Will you be publishing your recipe once you settle on one? The ones I've tried for my daughter have been failures. Thank you!

  3. It is the standard recipe in the Zourishi bread machine cookbook, except that I added two beaten eggs for structure, and replaced 1/4 of the salt with calcium propionate to reduce staleness. This is 3/4 of the normal quantities.