Sunday, September 3, 2023

How NOT To Make Friends and Influence People

The has been some coverage of a guy in Montana who lives next to a school and takes his rifle into his yard adjoining the school.  Federal charges have been filed for violating the Safe Schools Act.  

Obvious oppression?  8/23/23 New York Post report indicates local police responded several times and it appears they politely suggested that this was a bad idea although completely legal.

The federal Safe School Zones Act was originally aimed at gang members bringing guns to school.  (See text of hearings here.  Perhaps some ulterior motive was hiding behind it, but you will never prove it.)  It was not intended for this purpose.  Nonetheless, this is a really bad idea.  Think about the consequences of your actions for gun rights.  Being legally right does little good if we lose the war for hearts and minds.

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