Saturday, March 27, 2021

Who Am I?

The magazines on the top with the white followers.  I assumed that they were for the Marlin Camp Carbine when I went to the range this morning.  Nope.  

They fit the Marlin's well, but don't lock in place.  I suspect that milling a magazine catch slot might make them fit.

They are double stack, single feed 9mm 18 rounds.  I have no idea for what gun I would have bought them.  No markings at all.  From the CIA's black firearms shop?  Please guess!

The 17 rounders for that are Ramline (the ones on the bottom).  My mistake: they are 20 rounds.  I found several with the tags still attached.   My wife and I sorted the contents of the gun safe today.  I am not sure that I ever realistically evaluated my true LCM needs.  Either that or they started breeding in there. 

The mystery magazines were 18 rounders for the Browning Hi-Power.  Now that I have found my 20 round magazines for the Marlin adding a magazine notch seems less useful.  If the idiots in charge look close to passing an LCM ban on new manufacture and transfer, I expect prices to skyrocket.   I may sell off some of my absurd overstock of these.  I doubt that I will out enough to matter in my lifetime; if I lose them in combat operations against the National Socialist Democratic Party, I am either on the losing side and extras will not matter, or the winning side and we will make more.

Of course the availability of STL files for 3D printed magazines makes this whole LCM law utterly pointless.   Maybe time to buy a 3D printer.

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