Friday, March 12, 2021

It Pains Me to Say This...

Beth Moore separated herself from the Southern Baptist Convention because of the leadership's support of Trump.  The Access Hollywood tape dropped as an October surprise in 2016 is why.  I paid it no attention at the time,  because what was the alternative?

Reading the transcript out of context suggests he engaged in sexual assault and got away with it.  In context the grabbing remark sounds like a braggart claiming that women will do anything for him because of celebrity and wealth. The grabbing seems more like a description of how that celebrity and wealth sweeps them off their feet, with legs in a convenient position.   Neither is particularly wonderful.  His apology for his remarks is not repentance but "Oh, I got caught talking like I am in the locker room." I have never heard such conversations in locker rooms. 

Here is the harsh reality: Trump is loved by a lot of Americans precisely for the same reason Bill Clinton got away with what he did: many American men want to be him and many American women do not mind that behavior from men, especially if they can have that sort of alpha caveman.  Feminists of course had their own excuses for Clinton's behavior. 

I think Trump did great things for America, but the hatred (especially among young people) is so strong,  that even a fair election might not be enough,  and we are not likely to get one.  From the flak that Sen. Cruz (R-TX) is getting, he might be the right man.  (Cruz was my second choice in 2016.) Gov. DeSantis of Florida might be as well.  Gov. Noem of South Dakota might be the right woman.  Whoever it is, they are going to be subject of ferocious attacks from the Deep State.  

Can America survive eight years of Democratic rule without revolution or civil war? I doubt it.  Can the rest of the world live in peace with Americans killing each other? I doubt it.

Your only hope and it is a long shot is get your kids out of public schools do that they learn something besides America bad because white people bad.

Reconsider the value of the traditional college.  The propagandizing of our youth is astonishingly perfect.  That is why Big Business is prepared to tolerate slavery in China and encourage race hatred here.

I am feeling very discouraged about America's future.  I am doing my darndest to make sure they understand how we got here, but I am one teacher in a sea of privileged whites who think their privilege is because of race. 

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