Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Gong Alternative

 One of you pointed to this new alternative to metal gongs: 

Do-All Impact Seal Ground Bouncing Dancing Ball 4" Reactive Target Self Healing Polymer Orange


Do-All Impact Seal Self Healing Bullet Pong 7" Spinning Target Ballistic Polymer Orange

Made of self-healing plastic, good to ,50 caliber.  I have high hopes.  Plastic is much lighter to carry down range and then back again.  Self-healing should make them last a while; I do not see how they could richochet or bounce bullets back at you.  Not that satisfying ring of metal on metal, but I expect the bouncing ball will tell you if you hit it; ditto for the spinning target.  They were cheap, so if they turn out to be a disappointment, I have wasted very little before buying gongs from a local supplier.

UPDATE: They arrived today.  I expressed my suspicion about self-healing to my wife who told me that for quilt-making these self-healing materials are used for when cutting colth, in case you hit the material underneath.

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