Friday, March 26, 2021

Shocking Performance

 I kept reading comments about how badly Biden's first press conference went.  I watched it.  I wonder if what we saw during the campaign was stress (which can aggravated Alzheimer's) and how much was waiting for a good day for him.

To my utter surprise, after claiming that the large number of unaccompanied minors was not because of him, a female Hispanic reporter described calling the mother of this kid who had walked from Honduras to illegally enter the U.S.; the mother told the reporter that she sent him on his way because of Biden.  Biden handled being contradicted much better than I expected.  It was not all flawless speaking, of course, but who is, in that situation.  He also emphasized that most illegals are still being deported.

Of course, he blamed Trump for shutting down facilities for unaccompanied minors, claiming Trump left them in Mexico to starve.  Why did I not see coverage of that when Trump was President?  Were the news media too buddy-buddy with Trump?  Could it be that he closed those facilities because he successfully stopped the large scale illegal entry?

There was a mention by a reporter of North Korean resuming missile testing. Why has this received little coverage?

He did his best to dance around the filibuster question.  Apparently some Democrats want the rule changed for really important bills: gun bans.

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  1. Word is that he used a three ring binder and referred to it for parts of the speech that were not technical or complex, and the questions were distributed three weeks ago, with Joe rehearsing since then.