Saturday, December 21, 2019

We Knew They Were Ignorant

It appears many leftists are tweeting in the belief that the House passing an impeachment bill means Trump is no longer President.  What happened to teaching American government in high school?


  1. "What happened to teaching American government in high school?"

    The same thing that happened to, by fourth grade:

    Demonstrative mastery of reading comprehension

    Identifying the parts of speech and diagramming sentences.

    Demonstrative ability to fill-in a blank outline map of the U.S., identifying the states and their capitals.

    Consistent and practiced competence in cursive penmanship.

    And so much more, that in laboratory terms, they are TNTC (too numerous to count).

    It is almost something that could not have been accomplished better if it was a planned effect.

    But then again, the "conservatives", and more especially, the Christian ones, have fully embraced and supported the government school system. They send their children to the temple that teaches that there is no God, that humans are the nth development of "chance", and that babies are suitable for murder if it interferes with convenience.

    When challenged, the response is the oft-quoted mouth-breathing stupidity: "Oh but our schools are different."


  2. Let 'em believe it. Maybe they will go away and everyone will be happy.