Friday, December 20, 2019

Child Gun Deaths

The gun control groups like to include all deaths through age 19 as children.  Here are the 2016 breakdowns by category and age.  Click to enlarge.  Accidental deaths (all firearms types)

Homicides (all firearms)
Suicides (all firearms)

None of these are wonderful, but notice that mostly these include the gang member age range: 15-19


  1. What are these three different tables?

    They seem to have different data, but other than that, look the same?

  2. Umm, there are three tables with different values, and no explanation of what the table data is.

    I guess that the number of deaths is number of deaths by firearms in the age group. The first table is... accidental deaths? Second is... homicides? Third is... suicides? (None under 10, whereas the other two have some down to under 1 year. A baby could be killed by accident or malice, but not commit suicide.)

    It would be even better if the data could be broken down by individual years. I suspect 18 and 19 (old enough to vote or join the Army) have lots more deaths than 15 and 16. (Except in accidents, if that's what the first table is.)

    Also that 19 probably has more deaths than 0-16 combined.