Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Spearfishing Done Very Well

It claimed to be from Fidelity where my IRA keeps me very well off.  It listed a recent transaction of sales of small quantities of mutual funds.  Once the panic subside, but after hitting the View This Order button, I realized that many of those mutual funds are not in my portfolio.  Fortunately, I could not remember my password.  By this point I had noticed the domain was fidelitymanagement.com.  Fidelity has 401k.com for their domain.  Nothing lost, but read carefully panic-inducing emails and make sure the domain you are going to is actually for your institution.


  1. fidelitymanagement.com currently resolves to the IP I guess the good guys got on this pretty fast.

  2. Also--if you're concerned, don't click links in emails like this--go type the (right) address into the address bar yourself and then go to "my orders" or whatever page is relevant.