Saturday, December 28, 2019

Examining Illinois CCL Incidents

I mentioned a few days ago that the Chicago Tribune had a list of incidents that they could find involving CCLs (the Illinois license for concealed carry).  I went through the list: 64 in all.  Of those 46 were lawful defense (some not even self-defense, but defense of others); 2 were assault with deadly weapon, 2 charged as aggravated assaults; 2 murders, 6 reckless uses (one by a judge who shot a hole in a neighbor's wall); 1 aggravated battery; 1 attempted murder; 2 accidental shootings.  Many of these incidents took place in homes or business places of CCL; are CCLs required to carry concealed at home or your business in Illinois.  Not sure; need to know. 

The murders were premeditated and unlikely to have been prevented by lacking a CCL.

Curious and odd: one of the lawful defenses was by a convicted felon who obtained a CCL under an alias.  One lawful defense was in front of a police station; one incident a CCL shot what appeared to be a burglar, but actually a good Samaritan helping a woman who had locked herself out of her home; bad guys shot during home invasion claimed that they thought it was a relative's house;
"but then Lee took the gun away and beat him [the CCL] with it until it broke" (What gun can't be used for beating someone?)


  1. Regarding concealed carry in a business see Illinois’ Unlawful use of weapons.

    So yes an owner/operator can carry without a permit in his fixed place of business

  2. Obtained a CCL under an alias?

    Those fingerprints are really helpful then, are they not?