Sunday, December 15, 2019

Puerto Rico Goes Shall-Issue

and recognizes all other state carry permits.  If you know anything about Puerto Rico gun laws, this is a lightning bolt.
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Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on FacebookThe most sweeping change in Act No. 168 is to eliminate the restrictive and burdensome requirements of the old law in obtaining a permit to purchase, own, or carry firearms. The new law enacts a shall-issue system that requires a permit to be issued if the applicant meets the legal requirements. The legal requirements are essentially the same as in the United States for firearms ownership; except for a uniform minimum age of 21. This was likely influenced by recent legislation in California, Washington, and Florida.
Costs under the old system were upwards from $1,500, with no guarantee of obtaining a permit to own a gun at the end of the long process. Under the new law, costs are about $200, with a guarantee of a permit, if the applicant does not fall into one of the prohibited categories. The permit is valid for five years. The renewal fee is $100.
Under the new law, a permit to own includes the right to carry a firearm for defense in public, if the firearm is concealed. Obtaining a permit to carry, under the old system, was even more difficult and costly than obtaining a permit to own a firearm. The government has a limit of 45 days in which to investigate and issue a permit. After a year, the limit is reduced to 30 days.
I worked with a Puerto Rican law professor some months ago on a proposal of his to reform their gun laws.  I hope that I was part of this.

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