Friday, February 22, 2013

What A Shocker: Maserati/Range Rover Running Gun Battle in Las Vegas...

involved a rapper.  From the February 22, 2013 Los Angeles Times:
One of the victims in a spectacular predawn shooting and crash on the Las Vegas Strip has been identified as Kenneth Cherry Jr., an aspiring rapper known as Kenny Clutch.
His attorney, Vicki Greco, said his death was shocking.
"Out of everyone I know in the rapping industry, there is no way I would have ever, ever expected to find that he was shot on the Las Vegas Strip in such an aggressive manner," Greco said.
Yes, because rappers are known for their peaceful style and love-filled lyrics.  Oh yeah, Mr. Sweetness has a history:
The newspaper reported that Cherry had several arrests in Oakland and Berkeley, many for gun charges. He was convicted on a gun charge in 2007, stemming from an arrest in Berkeley, sources told the Tribune, although details on that conviction weren't immediately available. 
As one of the comments pointed out, how does someone only qualify as an "aspiring rapper" when he's driving a Maserati?  What do you drive once you are successful as a rapper?  A clapped out Toyota?

UPDATE: February 21, 2013 CBS Bay Area describes him as "a well-known pimp." That explains the Maserati. His death gets less and less shocking by the minute, and less and less tragic.  The tragic part is the two people in a cab that he hit, who burned to death, after the guys in the Range Rover plugged Kenny Cherry.

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