Friday, February 8, 2013

A Good Argument For Limits on High-Capacity Magazines

At least for some law enforcement agencies.  Take a look at the picture of the heavily riddled pickup in the video at this CBS Los Angeles account.  Early accounts indicate that police have opened fire on two different trucks now without bothering to give orders to stop, leave the vehicle.  It is pretty clear that there some law enforcement agencies that can't be trusted with repeating weapons.

Oh yeah: they are chasing a former cop, alleged murderer, who has been spouting gun control and pro-Obama rhetoric while running around shooting people.


  1. In the photo of the truck, partially obscured by a patrol car, I counted 46 holes. Now I hear only one person in the truck was actually hit by gunfire.

    1. Poor accuracy like this is why the police have an exemption from the standard capacity magazine bans, or..
    2. Judgement like this is why the police should be limited to a single "Barney round" kept in their shirt pockets.

  2. There were two shooting incidents like this. This one made news because the two people were injured. Not far away there was another one where no one was injured. The fact that either occurred just blew my mind.