Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trying To Start A Civil War

Zombie over at PJMedia has a fairly detailed discussion of what appears to be a mentally ill person who was intent on starting a civil war within the United States for the benefit of the jihadists:
Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, of San Jose was taken into custody near the bank at 303 Hegenberger Road after pressing a cell-phone trigger device that was supposed to detonate the explosives inside an SUV and bring down the building, prosecutors said....

The FBI agent quoted Llaneza as saying he supports the Taliban and wants to engage in violent jihad.

In the Nov. 30 meeting with an agent who posed as someone connected to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Llaneza said he wanted the bank bombing to be blamed on anti-U.S. government militias, triggering a government crackdown, a right-wing response and a civil war, the FBI declaration said….
It is all quite interesting, and troubling, because I could easily see how in today's very polarized political climate, a sufficiently horrifying terrorist act that could be blamed on the right might well provoke a steadily increasing series of outrages. The events leading up to the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado (which were dramatized and falsified in the movie Soldier Blue) are an example of how rapidly the cycle of retaliation can get out of hand. That incident started with rape of an Indian woman outside of Denver by some cowboys; went looking for the rapists and was indiscriminate in its response. The white settlers, not knowing about the rape, responded even less carefully, and from then, each cycle of revenge became less precise.

Let us all hope that we can keep our cool in the event that jihad ousts successfully carry out a false flag operation. I have no confidence that the Obama Administration would not take advantage of the opportunity, even if they knew that it was a false flag operation: "Never let a crisis go to waste."

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  1. While the Lame Stream News Media often frame the context of what is happening bye choosing what to report or how to report it. The fact is that almost all the major shootings are perpetrated by either lefties or the mentally ill. They are almost never connected (unless you consider Sara Palin's "target" map) with those on the conservative side of the political spectrum. It is just one of the great untold (or unrepeated) stories since Lincoln's assassination.