Friday, February 22, 2013

Opel GT

I have a co-worker who specializes in driving and restoring 1960s British cars -- like a 1964 1/2 Ford Cortina, and MG roadsters.  I was mentioning that if the forces of fascism ever stopped long enough for me to have a hobby again, and I had more money than I knew what to do with -- I might be tempted to buy an Opel GT and spend the money restoring it.

This is an Opel GT:

It was a very cool looking car, sort of a 5/8ths scale model Corvette, because one of the designers for the 1968 Corvette then went to work for GM's German division, Opel.  There are a few of them for sale on eBay at the moment, some in terrible shape, some that look like an unhealthy fascination has been in play by the owner!  (They looked fast, but they really were not -- at best, they had a 1.9L four cylinder, and these are days when that meant carburetors, not fuel injection.)

Anyway, in the midst of this discussion, my co-worker mentioned that some years back he had seen one for sale that was pretty much in fine shape -- except for the Freddie Krueger painting on the hood.  I confess, there is something worse to do to an Opel GT:

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  1. I always wanted an MGB, one of the earlier steel bumper ones.

    I recently torrented a BBC series "An MG is Born" which was all about restoring one from the ground up, and what looked like an OK car has so much wrong with it that they practically rebuilt the thing. Still, it was pretty amazing, especially finding out about the companies that make spare parts and assemblies for these cars. You could practically kit-build one.